Every human envisions having a dream house built precisely as per his/her expectations. We’ve all been there when we’ve passed a beautiful and aesthetically designed house and immediately started daydreaming about what my dream house should look like. What if you could get that image in your mind on paper? What if you could tell your designer what precisely the facade should look like? Well here’s some good news for you – It is possible through Architectural Rendering.

Building houses needs careful planning and design so that it can be built just as the owner wants. Maps and drawings used in the past served as a reference, but in this digital era, we have much more than that.



What is Architectural Render?

An architectural render is a 2D or 3D design of the house with everything detailed in the way you want. Such a design will get you everything from grass, floor tiles, wall colors, facade, LCD TV, wall paintings, almirahs, dining table, art and paintings, and practically everything you can imagine.

Why should you get an Architectural Rendering done?

With an architectural rendering, the family can sit with the graphics designer and watch on screen how that facade would look like. The software has so many options that there are thousands of combinations for things. What if you like something that you just saw?

Let’s examine the core benefits of an architectural render.


#1: Be able to see facade proportions and shapes

This is among the best parts of software-based rendering. The front of the house needs to look the best. What you need to do is explain to the designer what you want. The screen in front of you will show what your home would look like. The facade proportions, shape, color of the tiles, patterns, walkway, grass, garage, and practically everything can be adjusted as per requirement.

Rendering can be done both in 2D and 3D. While a 2D would be best viewed on paper, in case of a 3D render, you can even virtually walk-around and see how the wall adjoining the front door looks.


#2: Be able to see exterior and interior materials

Architectural rendering can help you with the material. Imagine your dream kitchen. In an architectural render, you’ll ask your designer to add the floor tiles first – they need to be white. Then comes the countertop – black granite. The designer can help you choose what kind of stove you want. Next, you could model the shelves and even decide where the microwave looks best. Just spend some time, and your designer will work his magic to show you your thoughts right on the screen.

It is not just about the material. The software used is so intricate and detailed that you could decide on things like:

Wood used for the doors – Does the pattern look good?

False ceiling – Will the chandelier match the false ceiling?

Built-in closet or movable cupboard?

What should the bed look like?

How much illumination do I get if I get 4 lights in my living room?

What kind of bathtub should I have?

What chair design to use on the first-floor verandah?

The possibilities are just endless here. It doesn’t end at placing material and objects. You can walk or fly around the house. The software can give you a bird’s eye view of the house, so you know what that chimney looks like.


#3: Be able to see interior space distribution with furniture and other components

Architectural rendering will give you an idea of how spacious and airy your house feels with all the furniture and appliances set in their desired place.

Since the design is built to scale, this is precisely how it will be. You may decide to change the dimensions of the furniture or may want differently sized appliances – everything is possible. You can even move a wall if you feel you need more space in the bedroom and can live with lesser space in the living room.

Do those light-blocking curtains make the living room dark? No problem; get those which allow a higher amount of light to pass through. At some point, you will find your ideal curtains.


#4: Walk inside your house

What if we said you could walk around your house even when all you’ve got is a piece of land and a vision of your home? Yes, architectural renders can make that possible. Combined with virtual-reality headsets, all you need to do is wear the headset.

Your designer will use a 3D model of your house, designed and furnished as per your requirements. Using a remote, you could walk around the house and see how everything looks.

Moreover, it’s not static! Does that 55 LED TV feels too small from the sofa, say it, and your designer will increase it 75.

Want to look at how a fireplace would look? Just ask, and you would have the fireplace in front of you.

Architectural design is something that has trickled down to building houses. This computer-aided technology was initially used to design industrial plants, football stadiums, Olympic venues, supermarkets, and hospitals among many more extreme engineering projects.

We believe you’re convinced enough that before starting work on the dream home, an architectural render is a must. It helps you augment your vision of a dream home.

Moreover, a home is not about one person. It is always a family. Have the members of your family sit together with a designer, and everyone’s expectations can be met. You feel your friend has a better aesthetic sense, no problem, invite her too.

It just takes some iterations, some revisions, some discussions, some modifications, some exclusions, and some inclusions. Voila! Your dream home is in front of you. You now need to wait for the construction workers to start building it.

Here’s the conclusion about an architectural render – What you imagine is what you see. What you see is what you get.



It is an excellent idea to see your house through a photorealistic architectural render during the design process and the final product before start building. That way you will save a lot of time, effort and money during the whole process. From taking control of the facade shapes and proportions to the details inside the house, you will have the control and will be able to change things before it’s too late or too expensive.

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