Homeownership is one of those things that top the lists of most people’s life goals lists. Everyone dreams of owning a home, raising a family there, growing old there, and even spending their last moments on earth there.

There are various options you have when you want to own a home. The first and most popular option for most people is buying a home in the market. The real estate market is full of all sorts of properties for sale, both new and old, in different locations and at different price points. When you want to buy your home from the market, you can look for one on your own or hire a real estate agent to help you find one. Going this route can be tedious especially when you can’t find a home that perfectly fits what you envisioned as your dream home. In most cases, you will be forced to settle for the home that is closest to your idea of a perfect home.

Another option you have is to buy a home from a professional home building company. Homebuilding companies are those that build residential homes for the sole purpose of selling them. They usually have a good supply of new homes that are ready for occupation in different locations. The biggest advantage of going this route is that you get a new home without having to wait long for the building process. However, just like buying a home from the market, you can only buy what is available, and there’s little to no chance that you will find a home that perfectly fits your dream home idea and in a perfect location.

Your third option and the best one by far is to build your own home from scratch. If you go this route, you get to make all the important decisions regarding your home, it’s location, the design, the materials, and everything else involved in a typical home-building project. Let us look at some of the main reasons why you should build your own home:


Reason #1: Total Personalization

Everyone has a rough picture of their dream home which has been floating in their mind for many years. If you want to turn that dream home into a reality, building your own home is the only way. The biggest advantage of building a home from scratch is that you can choose exactly what you want to have in your home. You get to choose the design, materials, sizes of rooms, number of rooms, orientation, among other things. If you want a home that looks like a spaceship, go for it! With pre-built homes, it is almost impossible to find a home that suits all your needs exactly. You might come close, but after searching through hundreds of homes. It is impossible to be 100% satisfied if you don’t get everything you want in your home.



Reason #2: You choose the exact location

When building a home, you get to choose the exact location and exact lot that you want to build on. When buying pre-existing homes, you have no choice but to accept the location where the home you’re buying is built on. You have no control over the design and placement of the building in relation to the lot it sits on. Building your own home allows you to, first of all, choose the lot, and then work with architects and



Reason #3: Custom floor plan

One of the main challenges that people face when buying an already built home is when the floor plan does not fit their needs. What you see is what you get with pre-existing homes. If you can’t find a way to live with it, you may have to knock walls down or add extensions which will be costly and take time.

Building your own home allows you to customize every last inch of space you have to your specifications. You can even measure your furniture to ensure it fits perfectly in your new home. Want an extra-large bedroom? A laundry room in the basement? An office that can only be accessed from the outside? All these options are easy to achieve when you build your own home.



Reason #4: You can take advantage of the latest technologies

Homebuilding technology is always improving and there are always new things being invented from new building materials, new designs, new home systems, among others. If you buy a home from the market that was built even a year ago, you will be missing out on the latest technologies that were invented after that time. When you build your own home, you can ensure that everything is built according to the current standards and that you incorporate the latest and greatest technologies found in modern homes. For instance, if you are building a home now, one of the things you should consider including is a smart home system as it is projected to be one of the must-have features in the homes of the future.



Reason #5: It is less costly

A lot of people believe that building a home from scratch is more expensive than the other options. However, this is far from the truth. Building your own home has many cost-saving opportunities since the only costs you need to worry about are those that go into the actual construction process. You don’t need to worry about realtor fees, renovations, or redecorating to suit your tastes. You will also have fewer repair issues in a new home than a pre-existing home.



Reason #6 Sentimental value

Knowing that you built your dream home from the ground up will give you a great deal of satisfaction and pride for your great accomplishment.

If you choose to build a custom home, one of the first challenges you will face is finding a design that works for you especially if you have no architecture or home design knowledge. This is when House Concept Store comes in. This company provides a wide variety of house concepts including house plans, 3d pictures and more. These concepts can draw inspiration during the design stage of your custom home. You can visit www.houseconceptstore.com/shopping for more information.




Building your own custom home is the best option when you want to give your family the best. There are many ways to customize a home during the design process. You can take control of the complete experience and basically create the house of your dreams. From total personalization to cost, you will have the control at all times and the ability to decide what’s best for you. 

If you need help finding the perfect house concept design for your new home you can take a look at www.houseconceptstore.com. From 3d pictures to interior space distributions, you will find the most beautiful modern designs and once you have them you can manipulate the spaces and every other element that’s in it.

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